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Forum & FAQ

  • How is Techrova different from the material they teach in school?
    Techrova strives to go above and beyond the material taught at school. We expand on the basic concepts the students are taught, and teach more advanced, interactive, and enhancing ideas and life skills that allow the students to thrive in a way outside of school and become young leaders.
  • Where are classes held?
    They are held in volunteer homes in the Ridgeview at Panthercreek community in Frisco, TX as well as online and varied locations in India.
  • How long is the program?
    Classes are once a week for 23 weeks, ending in March
  • How do we spend/distribute our donation?
    First we ask for community input because this we want to donate to causes that everyone is in support of. We typically spread our donations over three areas: education, health, (the other one). Each year we donate to some of the same causes but we also work with new organizations.
  • Who can be a volunteer?
    Anyone in high school with a strong interest for Youth Leadership, English, Math, Science, or Computer Science is eligible to become a volunteer. Applications are posted on our website as they become available.
  • Who teaches at Techrova?
    Dedicated students who are full of the volunteering spirit, dedicated to service, chosen from different communities and are all selected through a rigorous interview and selection process.
  • What can students expect from partaking in TECHROVA?
    Our goal is to inspire elementary and middle school students to put their voice out into the world in all areas of education enrichment. Students can expect to become leaders in their community by the end of the program. Often, students in TECHROVA go on to be teachers at TECHROVA too!
  • Why techrova over other tutoring services?
    TECHROVA is a student led organization that allows students to learn from teachers that have experienced similar challenges when learning topics covered in each respective class. Accompanied with the low student-teacher ratio and affordable cost, TECHROVA provides an educational experience that can be connected with each individual student.
  • Where are TECHROVA classes taught?
    We understand with the new environment, it is crucial to adapt to the circumstances. Our classes happen 100% over Zoom in order to ensure that we are COVID-friendly.
  • What are some experiences, aside from the tutoring services, that TECHROVA students have the ability of partaking in?"
    TECHROVA believes not only in the importance of academic advancement but also curiosity, creativity, and initiative. To further encourage these traits in students, we commonly conduct a myraid of events that appeal to wide range of audiences, ranging from science fairs, public speaking competitions, and even creative art contests.
  • Who can join TECHROVA classes?
    Any student who is within the 3rd-8th grade range and is excited by learning and youth leadership is welcome to join our classes. There are various levels within each subject so that every student can be challenged with new topics.
  • What do TECHROVA classes look like?
    This year, with classes being virtual, we have given emphasized on in-class participation and student engagement. Teachers will utilize power points and live drawings in order to actively keep students paying attention. Our motto for teachers is to “always keep it casual.” Teachers will often utilize humor to in order to develop a friendship with students. This is what separates us from traditional tutoring!
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